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In downWorld you can either be a Recruit or an Elite.  It is free to be a Recruit.  Recruits in downWorld are the equivalent to Tourists in ourWorld.  Yep you guessed it.  Elites in downWorld are the equivalent to Residents in ourWorld.

As to what the Elite perks will be we do not know, but we believe that they will be similar to Resident perks.  This is what we think that the perks will be:

  • Exclusive Places – In the WOLF Headquarters and in Elixir Cafe there is an area that is blocked off and it says:  No Access.  These areas could be exclusive Elite areas!
  • Extra Gems
  • More XP – When fighting monsters Elites may earn more XP!
  • More Colors – More color choices for eyes, hair, profile…
  • More Friends – We believe that friend limits will be the same as they are on ourWorld.  400 for Recruit and 1,000 for Elite.
  • More Powerful Surges – We believe that Elites will have better surges than Recruits, or at least we think that they should.  It would make since.
Prices for being an Elite are the same as prices for being a Resident.  If you don’t know those prices, then go to ourWorld and hit the Upgrade button.